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The Degenring Scholarship is named after Anna Degenring and is intented to support women through their undergraduate seminary degree.  The recepients must be a member in good standing at an American Baptist Church in NJ,  be at least a sophmore, and provide proof of eligibility to apply for the scholarship.

Past recepients include: The Rev. Bernedett Glover-Williams, Rev. Dee Dee Turlington, and The Rev. April Van Ness.  Also remember that the amount we award is dependant upon the amount of contributions sent to our treasurer.  Contributions may be sent at anytime to our state treasurer earmarked as Degenring Scholarship Fund.  To receive information, please contact the Degenring Coordinator through this website.

Since our conference when we had no candidates, we have given two awards. The first is to Suleima Rosario, a recent graduate of seminary but now going to nursing school in preparation to becoming a medical missionary.   The second is to Melissa Doyle-Waid, a seminarian in need of financial support for her internship with the regional office.   Keep those gifts coming in—there are many women we can help.

Please pray that God will let you know your part in giving.  It is never to early to send in candidate names for scholarships!



All checks should be written to ABW Ministries of N.J. and sent to our treasurer:

Gail Gillespie

 125 Oak Street, East Orange, NJ 07018

973-820-8405    Email:

Please be sure to include in the memo the project / or purpose of your church.  Providing your church’s name and contact person’s name and phone number are helpful as well.




Every attendee at conference is given a directory, plus a batch is sent home with a representative from each association for distribution to active churches.  If some of you still have directories on hand, please get them mailed out. New directories are still available by contacting Jean Kellogg at



FROM: Chris Marziale
International Ministries
IM Consultant to AB Women’s Ministries
White Cross and Special Interest Missionaries Coordinator
Administrative Assistant – Missionary Partnership Team
(1-800-222-3872 – Ext 2207)


Leader’s Reader, your source for COUNTERPART information published bi-monthly * Available online, or via the U.S. mail. * It is available online through our website which is Two back issues are available on the website. Simply go to our website and click on the information message and send a message stating you would like to be added to the Leader’s Reader list. Your email address is automatically included in the message and you will receive the next issue of Leader’s Reader. If you do not have a computer, you can have a friend, relative or your church secretary subscribe to it for you. It will automatically be sent to your/their email address every two months. To receive your Leader’s Reader via the U.S. mail, send your name, address and phone number with a check to cover postage and production to: AB Women’s Ministries, PO Box 851, Valley Forge, PA 19482-0851.


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