From The President

Letter From The PresidentTo My Sisters in Christ:

We are looking forward to an exciting year for ABW of New Jersey. We have begun our  planning for our conference at Harvey Cedars on May 28, 29, & 30, 2014. Plan to be there. We will have Bonnie Sestito, coordinator of Mission with Women and Girls, who will be giving  a workshop about girls and young women in your churches and preparing them for the  future, forming groups. She will be leading a girls bible study on Saturday, May 30, 2014.

We are planning a program for the girls on Saturday. Please have them come Friday evening and stay Saturday. They may also come Thursday and join the women on Friday and stay till Saturday. Plan to sponsor a girl from you church grades 7-12th grade.

There will be an Intergenerational retreat at the Greenlake Conference Center. Also the girls will have a work week in New Orleans in August. In September 2014, the women will have a  conference on a cruise. Yes a cruise. What fun! Vacation and a conference. Go to the National ABW website for details.

The theme for this year is “A Time to Serve”
We would also like to celebrate the women of the churches of NJ and the mission work  they participate in their local churches. Come celebrate at our annual conference.

Please send me the mission work your women do at . Include  the names of the women, your church name, and describe the mission work.

If you would like me or another officer to visit you women’s group or church, please let us know.

Please check out the rest of our website for more information.

In Christ’s service

Adele Hueston — President
ABW Ministries New Jersey

“HERSTORIES” CONTINUE WITH YOUR HELP“Our supply of “HerStories” needs replenishing. The Resources Team hopes you will encourage women to submit HerStories for possible publication in Vital Woman Magazine. Rowena Cowles, former Personal Development Coordinator, coined the HerStory concept for us about 4 years ago, and she began inviting women to send in their written testimonies of God’s work in their lives. HerStories have become a well-loved feature of Vital Woman Magazine. They are inspirational because they are true, authentic stories of faith.

Do you have a HerStory to share, or do you know someone who does? Here’s how to submit a HerStory: In order to publish several HerStories in each issue of the magazine, editor Sandra Hasenauer suggests that writers try to keep their HerStories to approximately 500 words in length. As with any publication, submissions are more likely to be considered if they are easier to use, so please refrain from submitting hand written items (as we would have to retype them to make them usable). HerStories are chosen for each issue based on many considerations so we cannot guarantee that every HerStory submitted will necessarily appear in print. However, to date, most HerStories have been used, and many that were not able to appear in the magazine have been used on our website instead. We make every effort to share these stories.

Thanks on behalf of the Resources Team.”